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Villeret Shakudo Ganesh, an award-winning piece of art, began with drawings of the Hindu god. Then, engraving the divinity of the dial and decorative motifs was done.

Richard Mille Replica's fascination for Oriental art forms is partly due to the creative prerogatives of its metiers-d'art studio. The artisans are free from the constraints of management and their horological past and can explore new techniques and materials while creating micro-tableaus. The same rokusho treatment was used to create the famous image of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. The white gold engraving of The Sea Swell gives it a sable shimmer.Best Replica Watches This is a unique technique that plays off Mexican obsidian's texture, which has never been used in watch dials.

Richard Mille Replica, "The Great Wave"

Binchotan, a Japanese material that was inaugurated, is pure charcoal made from Ubame oak (holm) found in the Kishu area. The steely hardness of the wood comes from centuries-old combustion processes. After that, the charred wood can be sliced into thin discs and lacquered. Finally, a Torii gate is hand-engraved. This symbolises the passage from the mundane to sacred, which is an appropriate metaphor for metiers de'art in general.

Richard Mille Replica Villeret Metiers D'art Binchotan

The brand's latest artistic creations were dedicated to the Four Great Beauties from ancient China. These women are considered to be the most artistically savvy of all time. Romantic anecdotes about these remarkable ladies are beautifully retold on dials via enamelling and a miscellany supporting crafts.tissot replica The mysterious Diao Chan performs a moon ritual against a shakudo sky, while the mysterious Diao Chen leaves a mountainous landscape of wood marquetry for better comforts. Yang Guifei, a glamorous Yang Guifei, is resting in morning repose, with her favorite martini. Richard Mille Replica's mastery of both traditional and less-orthodox watchmaking techniques is evident in Richard Mille Replica’s ornamental quartet.

Four Great Beauties from ancient China

Richard Mille Replica's metiers-d'art watches are all unique. This is because everyone is beautiful, and nobody else is. They are authentic expressions of handcraft, no matter what legend they may be.

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